MonsterKill Review

By , on January 1, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Players are able to continue their games if they exit the application.
  • The game features some humorous sound effects and gives players iPod access.
  • The line drawing/spell casting controls work quite well.


  • There is a large difficulty wall that you’ll hit at one point or another.
  • While there are three game modes to play, they are all quite similar.
  • Highscore options can only be accessed by OpenFeint.


Monster Kill is an enjoyable experience with a few decent game options but might become quite frustrate you when the difficulty jumps up steeply.

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Monster Kill is a tower defence style game where players are matched against a slew of classic movie monsters as they try to smash through a small gate at the base of the level. Players will dispose of the creatures of the night using a number of different magic attacks that are cast using the unique touch screen controls.

Players will start off with a basic slash spell to cut monsters in half by drawing a line on the screen. As you progress further, you’ll also unlock new spells that you’ll need to use in order to defeat certain enemies. For example, mummies can be killed by any attack but vampires can only be killed with a lightning bolt spell.

The 3D visuals are very smooth and players are given some variation in gameplay by the changing level designs and environments. The monster’s sound effects and speech are quite humorous and players have access to their iPod during the game. There are three game modes to play, each with leaderboard and achievement access via OpenFeint, but they’re all quite similar and the minor variations might not dazzle you as much as you’d like.

Monster Kill is an enjoyable line drawing/tower defence game but might frustrate players at times. There is a large difficulty wall that you’ll hit at some point where you’ll be unable to keep up with the large swarm of enemies rushing towards you but if you love mixed genre games and are looking for something to kill some time with, then Monster Kill is a good place to start.


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