B-Boy Beats Review

By , on February 17, 2010

B-Boy Beats
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3 out of 5


  • Good music.
  • Unique entry into the rhythm genre.


  • Mistakes completely interrupt gameplay.


As an entry into the rhythm genre, B-boy Beats is indeed fresh, but its perfectionist style of gameplay may ruin your experience.

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It's always nice to see new attempts at innovative gameplay within the rhythm genre. B-Boy Beats is a rhythm game where you travel around New York engaging in dance battles with hip hop backing, using your fingers in the place of legs as you cut up the dance mat.

Control is very reminiscent of the Ouendan series on the DS. You use your fingers to tap or slide along circles in time with the music, and the better you do, the higher your score and multiplier goes. The controls themselves are fine, but tiny errors will restart the current beat-phrase killing any momentum you've made. This does encourage perfectionist gameplay, but it does end up hampering the flow of the game.

As you progress and unlock more challenging opponents the world grows, changing the backgrounds from box covered pavements to more professional arenas. While the interface is clean and standard for an Ouenden game, being forced to play in portrait mode can make more complicated maneuvers hard to see, let alone pull off. The music is outstanding and features popular gaming-related MCs including Frontalot and Optimus Rhyme.

B-Boy Beats breaks out of the usual tap-tap crowd and tries to make Ouenden work for touch devices by incorporating a sometimes complex multi-touch system.


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