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Astro Ranch Review

Review Tag Games Limited By Dave Flodine, 13 years, 12 months ago
Astro Ranch Review

Space farming! Oh no, we're not talking about mining asteroids, or growing some kind of moon cheese, but a farming simulator... in space! Astro Ranch has your farmer crashlanding on an alien planet, who then has to harvest crops and lifestock to earn enough money to repair their shuttle and send them home. Everything is done by the touch of a finger. Walking, selecting farming implements, buying new seeds, and equipment, and even talking to the locals. When you start off, you don't ha…

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B-Boy Beats Review

B-Boy Beats Review

It's always nice to see new attempts at innovative gameplay within the rhythm genre. B-Boy Beats is a rhythm game where you travel around New York engaging in dance battles with hip hop backing, using your fingers in the place of legs as you cut up the dance mat. Control is very reminiscent of the Ouendan series on the DS. You use your fingers to tap or slide along circles in time with the music, and the better you do, the higher your score and multiplier goes. The controls themselves…

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