Streets of Rage 2 Review

By , on April 19, 2011

Streets of Rage 2 Classic
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre: Casual
  • Released: 14 Apr, 2011
  • Size: 122.9 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Classic beat'em-up with polished gameplay and 2D graphics.
  • Four unique characters; the introduction of 'Skate' Hunter.
  • Local network co-op.


  • No control or interface options; stuck with large controls and default button setup.


It's hard to hold back true classics and Streets of Rage 2 remains as challenging and fun to play as ever; a chance to cater to modern audiences has been missed, but at least you can still play with friend's in co-op mode.

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Trying to review games like Streets of Rage 2 can be difficult - other SEGA Genesis emulated titles for the App Store have suffered from a similar problem - notably, it's hard to separate the nostalgia from the reality that is in front of you. Some games have aged poorly while others have stood the test of time and despite its age Streets of Rage 2 manages to keep its charm in spite of the emulator that surrounds it.

Despite the supposed defeat of 'Mr.X' in the original title, Adam Hunter (one of the playable characters in the first game) has been kidnapped (which a nice change from the usual girlfriend/princess/mayor's daughter routine) by 'Mr.X's syndicate which means it's time to clean up the streets once again. Genre fans will slide in to the gameplay easily as they familiarize themselves with a simple 3-button setup and d-pad controls to move, attack, jump and perform special moves. Each of the four available characters, including Adam Hunter's little brother Eddie 'Skate' Hunter, feature unique attacks that make them all a blast to play. Just beware that utilizing a special move may get you out of a tight corner, but it also depletes your health at the same time.

Streets of Rage 2 holds up amazingly well thanks in part to the varied and at times unique art direction. While the usual assortment of palette-swapped enemies bulk up the ranks, you'll have your hands full on each level as you encounter new challenges. If there's anything disappointing about the release of this title it's the need to deal with the bulky emulator interface that provides no alternative settings or gameplay features (a common missed opportunity with these emulated games). Thankfully there is one upshot to the system as you can join a friend on a local network to beat up enemies co-op style.

For many, Streets of Rage 2 will remain the greatest of the series and being able to play it again on a convenient iDevice is sweet music to their ears. However, as long as you're a beat'em-up fan it's easy to appreciate and enjoy this title and is definitely worth checking out.


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