Lanterns Review

By , on October 5, 2012

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3 out of 5


  • Captures the elegance of a Lantern Festival while also providing a decent distraction.
  • Familiar 3-match gameplay tied to a challenging high-score system.


  • Limited content and variety; held to the whims of randomly spawning lanterns and your own patience.


Lanterns is an elegant gaming distraction with a focus on zen-like simplicity; hopefully future updates puts more meat on its bones.

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[Lanterns was featured as the Mini-review for the 5th of October, 2012 Friday News Wrap-Up]

The Lantern Festival that ends most Chinese New Year celebrations is a beautiful thing to observe and take part in. There’s something calming about seeing hundreds of softly-lit colored orbs tethered on or strung-up between buildings, or better yet, floating free in the sky.

Lanterns by Big Time Games recreates the zen-like relaxation of the festival by using the already familiar match-3 system we’ve seen in the past with randomized, free-floating lanterns.

There’s only one game mode, but managing to get a great score will be dependent on many different factors - notably which lanterns you decide to combo and how much time you have left. The larger the combo, the more time/points/level experience you’ll earn, and balancing them all is important to getting that elusive top-spot on the leaderboards.

Although more modes are planned for the future, Lanterns already makes for a fantastic way to relax thanks to its easy-to-use controls; elegant visual simplicity; and relaxing soundtrack.


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