Crusade Of Destiny Review

By , on December 14, 2009

Crusade Of Destiny
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4 out of 5


  • 3 trainable skill lines (warrior, archer or mage).
  • Easy to learn combat system with auto-face targeting.
  • 3 game slots to save multiple player’s adventures.


  • Movement not very fluid and hard to control at times.
  • Loading screen sometimes slow.


This game is excellent for anyone looking for something that offers a longer lasting gaming experience with good re-playability that will keep the player entertained for hours.

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Answer the call of destiny and prepare for battle with one of the iPhone's first ever full scale massive 3D RPGs, Crusade of Destiny. The game tells the story of how Mordired, the Queen's sister becomes consumed with the desire for wealth and power and releases a dragon into the universe which brings darkness and devastation to the kingdom. It is now up to you to fulfil your destiny of becoming a hero and restoring peace and harmony to the kingdom once more.

The controls for this game can be a bit tricky at times as this game is very dependent on the analogue stick (displayed at the bottom corner of the screen) which can be a bit hard to use and you may find your toon running around in all directions until you get used to it. In the bottom right corner of the screen there is an action bar which displays all the items and abilities you have currently equipped.  In the upper left corner of the screen there are bars which represent your health, magic and stamina and there is also a button which navigates you to your inventory.

The visuals for this game are excellent with amazing 3D drawn hand graphics and special effects which bring the story to life and enhance the overall experience. The sound effects for this game and soundtrack are also rather impressive and players are able to adjust the volume to suit their own preferences with the individual volume controls.

This game is a must have for any fan of RPGs or anybody seeking to embark on an adventure with the convenience of being able to fit it in your pocket.


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