Button Men Review

By , on October 21, 2009

Button Men
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4 out of 5


  • Fresh, original strategy gameplay and concept.
  • The game offers both single and multiplayer options.
  • While the game sounds complicated, it’s easy to pick up after a few rounds.


  • Some players won’t give dice games a look at.


If you’re a fan of dice games or quick strategies, then Button Men is a worthwhile purchase.

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Button Men is a dice based strategy game where players must eliminate their opponents dice and protect your own. To eliminate dice, you’ll have to use your numbered dice to attack dice with a lower number. Points are collected based on the dice you eliminate and the dice you have protected at the end of the round.

Players launch an attack on their enemy by selecting a die from their pile and selecting a lower numbered die from your opponent. Once you attack, the die you used will lower in number and become easier for the opponent to take. You can also use two lower numbered dice to combine into higher numbers and take an opponent’s equal valued die. It all sounds complicated but is actually quite simple and players will get the hang of quickly.

The games presentation is very smooth and the character portraits are very well done. The sound is also well done and features a strong music track but players cannot use their iPod during gameplay. The game offers players both single and two player modes; with the option for pass and play or Bluetooth for the multiplayer.

Button Men is a surprisingly addictive strategy game. The thought of a dice based game might have some players rolling their eyes but it’s not a bad game. While the game is simple enough, the strategy element is quite challenging; especially against harder opponents. If you’re looking for a change from the usual strategy games, then give Button Men a go.


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