Burrito Bison Review

By , on October 8, 2012

Burrito Bison
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3 out of 5


  • Slick cartoonish visuals; Adult Swim-like humor and style that's hard not to enjoy.
  • Upgrades split between the main character and his victims; each upgrade smoothly and slowly adds more elements to the gameplay.


  • Suffers from most of the genre's usual flaws; repetitive early content, and no real replay incentive.


Bright, fun and definitely amusing - Burrito Bison brings Juicy Beast's gummy-bear-squishing classic to the iOS platform, but it misses a critical opportunity to flesh things out from the Flash-based original.

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Last year we had the absolute joy of being able to play Juicy Beast's disgustingly fun classic GOBTRON on the iOS platform, but it wasn't long after its release that fans asked, 'Where's Burrito Bison?'. At long last the developer has paired up with Ravenous Games to release their luchadore-bison bouncing; gummy-bear squishing; city-smashing Flash hit to the App Store, but is it too little too late now?

The App Store, and indeed the free-Flash game market itself, is redolent with games in the vein of 'Fly Kiwi, Fly!', or 'Vikings Can Fly!', so you need to bring your best and brightest ideas to the table to not only stand out, but to cut through the inevitable boredom that comes from so much trial and error.

Burrito Bison's particular twist comes in two forms. Firstly, while most other games focus on gaining cash on each attempt in order to upgrade the character you're controlling, Bison splits the difference by allowing you to not only upgrade 'Burrito', but also the gummy-bears he squishes. The upshot to upgrading the candy treats is a higher chance at obtaining useful power-ups, extending your runs.

Secondly, the player is given a modicum of control via 'slams' that can charge up over time by bouncing off bears. Although the game still suffers from the genre's dependance on 'lucky' runs where you manage to pick up all the power-ups you need to maintain your momentum, being able to smash in to the ground to either avoid a loss of momentum or to get that much-needed power-up can be the difference between a game-ending run or something that only takes you half-way.

Progression through the game is (for the most part) fairly consistent, with several decent runs culminating in an upgrade of one sort or another. Unfortunately there was no real effort to liven-up the title for the iOS release, either by packing in new stages or features, meaning those who have already finished the game on the Flash version are unlikely to gain anything new here. If anything this release feels somewhat harder as there are generally less bears to run in to.

As these games go, Burrito Bison is a vibrant and amusing entry in to the genre, but it sticks to the formula a little too closely, which is a shame as this release could have packed in so much more.


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