Rise of the Triad: Dark War Review

By , on February 15, 2010

Rise of the Triad: Dark War
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3 out of 5


  • Classic FPS gameplay.
  • Fun selection weapons and powerups.
  • Nostalgic.


  • Controls can damper the experience.
  • Game can be punishing, even on easy.


For those that remember Rise of the Triad, this could be worth a purchase. For everyone else, the presentation, controls, and gameplay might be a turn-off.

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Originally developed by Apogee software in 1995, Rise of the Triad is a FPS boiled down to its elements. Get to the exit of each level while collecting as many points and inflicting as much damage upon your enemies as possible with a multitude of fun weapons and powerups. Does this iphone port capture the fun of the original however?

Mobila have ported the game with a huge selection of control options, but none seem to be optimal. After testing all four main ones, this reviewer found advanced 1 to be the most intuitive, with two virtual sticks dictating looking and movement, while tapping the screen fires your weapon. All the classic weapons and powerups have returned including the heat seeking missile launcher and god mode where balls of energy shoot from your hand incinerating all opposition.

The game seems to be a direct port from the original. The actor based sprites and faux 3d world invoke nostalgia while the rocking musical track keeps the tempo of play constant. The sound effects, especially the twin pistols popping away can get annoying but this is a minor complaint. There are four episodes, and thirty two levels overall to play through with five different characters, so there are plenty of secrets to discover.

Rise of the Triad may not be for everyone. The genre has evolved since 1995 and though there is a lot here, the controls and visuals might overshadow what was, for its time, a very fun game.


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