Pro Surfing Review

By , on February 18, 2010

Pro Surfing
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3 out of 5


  • Decent representation of surfing on the iPhone.
  • Simple, elegant visuals.


  • Lack of depth to keep you playing.
  • Difficult controls to master.


For those who enjoy surfing or surfing games, then this one is pretty good. For those who aren't, there's very little here for you to enjoy.

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Pro Surfing is a surfing game for the iPhone in which you can either freeplay to achieve a big score, or compete in a surfing tour to try to beat scores of NPC opponents on waves around the world.

Whilst the controls are fairly intuitive, they are not easy to master. Your surfer is controled on the waves by tilting the iPhone to turn. There are also 5 buttons on screen that allow you to stall or perform various tricks when you get air off a wave. Getting your surfer to do what you want, whilst tilting the phone at the right angle so as not to wipeout can be a tricky process.

The game's 3D visuals do a good job of representing the surfers and the waves, which represents 90% of the game itself. The music offers an appropriate 'surf style' soundtrack which can be replaced with your iPod music if desired. Pro Surfing offers 2 game modes allowing free surf or competition. The first allows you to score points which can be uploaded to an online leaderboard and the second allows you to travel and unlock multiple locations as you compete against NPCs.

If you're really into surfing and there are no waves out on the ocean, then this may be a useful substitute, but for everyone else, there's a lack of depth here to keep you playing.


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