Mice Heist Review

By , on June 24, 2010

Mice Heist
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4 out of 5


  • Advanced 'whack-a-mole' gameplay.
  • Cute mice designs and a bonus 'lolcat' thrown in.


  • Hardest difficulty is brutal with the tap limitations.


Mice Heist is a simple idea well executed and perfect for casual gamers after an occasional laugh and fun on the go.

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Roll with me on this one... For some reason you've decided that it'd be a top idea to drop your cheese in to a giant pile in front of a series of conspicuous mice-holes, only to find out that they're a nest of anthropomorphic critters out to steal your cheese. Well in Mice Heist it's just another day as usual, but at least you get to tap them to send them on their way, with the occasional disco-dancing cat also dropping by to scare them off.

Once you've chosen a difficulty level, the gameplay is as simple as managing to tap each mouse as they enter the screen, preventing them from carrying cheese back to their hideout. This gets progressively harder as unique mice with special abilities including the ability to dodge taps or even survive multiple taps get added to the mix. A limiter of sorts seems to be placed on how many taps can be made, otherwise one could simply spam the screen like it's another itteration of Summer Games, but this forces you to be creative in defeating the endless wave of creatures.

The cartoon design is fun and each mouse variation has its own distinctive style and sound. After a handful of mice have been turned away, you can activate your Cat Paw to summon a 'lolcat' which, much like on the internet, has the ability to scare everyone away.

Mice Heist is great fun for something that's essentially an advanced 'whack-a-mole' and will definitely challenge your speedy skills once you're past the tutorial levels. A fun title for all casual gamers.


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