Tunnel Shoot Pro Review

By , on June 24, 2010

Tunnel Shoot Pro
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4 out of 5


  • Simple intuitive gameplay and controls.
  • Fast paced, screen popping visuals.


  • Only one endless mode, no difficulty settings.
  • Distracting UI design.


For a simple shooter, Tunnel Shoot feels great and plays just as you'd expect, but it'd be nice to get to the meat of the game earlier.

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Tunnel Shoot by Backflip Studios - of Ragdoll Blaster and Paper Toss fame - is their latest App to be pushed out in to the big bad world. As you'd expect a lot of shooting inside a tunnel is what you get, but players will also be subjected to high-speeds and plenty of obstacles to avoid while making a run for their high score.

Controlling your ship is as easy as tilting to move around the tunnel, while tapping and holding fires your weapons and double-touching launches your bombs. Each projectile launched will actually follow its trajectory correctly, allowing players to create waves of rotating orbs that can destroy large swathes of enemies as they appear - and you'll need to master this preemptive strike method in order to survive some of the more complex enemy arrangements. There's only one endless mode to play right now and it does take some time to warm up, but once things reach a white-hot blistering pace you never quite feel cheated by dying as shields provide ample room for negating basic errors.

It's hard to go past the gaudy interface designs used in Tunnel Shoot that border on distracting, however the sci-fi neon designs in the game itself looks absolutely incredible on the iPad and it'd be nice to see the new anti-aliasing feature for OS4 being used when played on the 3GS. A difficulty setting of some kind or a shorter game mode would also help to make this more of a game on the go.

Definitely worth a try for fans of arcade shooters after a fun mindless experience.


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