Mini Plane Review

By , on April 26, 2010

Mini Plane
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3 out of 5


  • Smooth controls.
  • Fun side-scrolling endless gameplay.
  • Cute pixel-art style.


  • Collision detection problems.
  • Minor graphical glitches.


Mini Plane is a fun endless side-scroller with a cute style and gameplay that will keep you coming back for more despite a few obvious minor glitches.

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As a simple touch-based endless game, you'll dive, climb and dodge incoming planes with ease while rescuing stranded victims and claiming stars for bonus points in Mini Plane by OrangePixel. But it isn't always smooth sailing as you slowly progress through the game's content.

By touching the screen your plane is given a boost of power, pulling its nose up and out of your initial nose-dive. As you progress, planes and helicopters will provide aerial obstacles to avoid, while the cityscape prevents you from coasting your way to victory at the bottom of the screen. Stars can be collected to unlock levels and purchase new planes or upgrades, while civilians can be rescued to add to your score. Movement is smooth and your plane is amazingly agile once you've grasped the game's physics, but the game's collision detection is slightly off, with regular moments of 'I completely missed him' punctuating the end of a solid run.

The game's 2D art-style is clean, cartoon-ish and extremely well designed, using a modern pixel art style for the sprites. A bonus mode can be activated, giving you a 'behind the scenes' look at the level and access to extra stars. There's no music track to speak of, but the sound effects are neat and only a few minor graphical glitches ruin the otherwise perfectly fun atmosphere.

Mini Plane is a fun little endless title that will keep casual gamers coming back for more, but until issues like collision detection are fixed it'll only keep you occupied for so long.


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