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Meganoid 2 Review

Review Pascal Bestebroer By Andrew Nesvadba, 11 years, 5 months ago
Meganoid 2 Review

Much like the original Meganoid, its sequel keeps things fast, furious and simple. Did I say simple? What I meant to say is 'it's brutal', but you'll not be able to blame the game (at least not directly) for any mistakes you make as the controls are dead easy to learn (left, right, jump, and double jump). Orange Pixel have nailed their virtual controls, which is an absolute godsend. The reason it's so helpful is because everything else about the game is entirely unforgiving. Stages a…

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INC Review

Review Pascal Bestebroer By Dave Flodine, 12 years, 5 months ago
INC Review

The story behind Inc is something about corporate bosses transferring their souls into robots and you needing to rescue a doctor. It didn't seem to matter once play started up and your character is jumping through pixelated vistas tagging beacons and obtaining stars on levels for a job well done. Inc uses on screen buttons. There is a left and right arrow to move, and a jump and attack button. Each level requires you to activate three beacons and make it to the end. If you beat the ti…

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Mini Plane Review

Mini Plane Review

As a simple touch-based endless game, you'll dive, climb and dodge incoming planes with ease while rescuing stranded victims and claiming stars for bonus points in Mini Plane by OrangePixel. But it isn't always smooth sailing as you slowly progress through the game's content. By touching the screen your plane is given a boost of power, pulling its nose up and out of your initial nose-dive. As you progress, planes and helicopters will provide aerial obstacles to avoid, while the citysc…

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