Meganoid 2 Review

By , on November 22, 2012

Meganoid 2
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4 out of 5


  • Cleverly detailed pixel-art design; all the information you need in a single glance.
  • Tight, simple platform controls.


  • Challenge borders on brutally over-reliant on razor-thin timing; kills the pacing if you're constantly dying within seconds of starting.


Meganoid 2 turns up the heat and throws you in to a bare-bones series of white-knuckle platforming challenges; not for the easily annoyed.

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Much like the original Meganoid, its sequel keeps things fast, furious and simple.

Did I say simple? What I meant to say is 'it's brutal', but you'll not be able to blame the game (at least not directly) for any mistakes you make as the controls are dead easy to learn (left, right, jump, and double jump). Orange Pixel have nailed their virtual controls, which is an absolute godsend.

The reason it's so helpful is because everything else about the game is entirely unforgiving. Stages are designed to exploit expectations, pairing tightly timed traps that move, shoot, crush, and poke you to death, with winding passages and platforms to test your reactions.

It's a nasty combination that's made all the more frustrating for the lack of a way to restart the stage, not that it's too much of a concern as deaths are frequent and very fast.

Aside from the ever increasing challenge players can pursue other goals such as completing the stage within a time limit and collecting hidden trophies, often stored in an inconvenient to reach hidden passage.

Meganoid 2 is bare bones, but it's clearly aiming for the niche audience that likes the rough challenge presented - extra features just get in the way. If you're after a pixelated platformer that doles out tough-love, this is for you.


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