INC Review

By , on November 21, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Beautiful pixel art and soundtrack.
  • Level up system similar to Cave Story.


  • After a few levels when the difficulty starts to increase, the flaws in the touch screen buttons become apparent.


INC is a gorgeous platformer with a lot of content. The control may aggravate some, but if you can get passed that, you'll find an engaging game experience.

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The story behind Inc is something about corporate bosses transferring their souls into robots and you needing to rescue a doctor. It didn't seem to matter once play started up and your character is jumping through pixelated vistas tagging beacons and obtaining stars on levels for a job well done.

Inc uses on screen buttons. There is a left and right arrow to move, and a jump and attack button. Each level requires you to activate three beacons and make it to the end. If you beat the timer, you get a star, and if you don't die you gain another star. As you shoot enemies and gather little collectable stars, you have an experience bar that raises (and lowers when dying), that is a little reminiscent of Cave Story. Soon enough some beacons will be hidden, switches will need to be activated and all manner of puzzle platforming awaits you.

The issue is that once the game starts becoming more difficult, the flaws in the on screen control scheme become apparent. You'll find yourself over shooting the buttons or hitting the wrong one in the heat of the moment, and the frustration will set in once you fall in a hole for the fifth time. This doesn't make the game unplayable by any means, but it will be an annoyance for some.

The presentation is top notch with mood invoking backgrounds and excellent use of minimalistic pixel art. The soundtrack is catchy 8-bit fare and the four worlds to play through should keep players happy. Inc is a well made platformer that can be a lot of fun when the controls are working with you. It's worth a shot for both platforming fans or those who love retro pixel presentation.


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