AirAttack Review

By , on July 16, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Amazingly detailed 3D artwork.
  • Rock-solid controls and easy to pick-up gameplay.
  • Short and sweet campaign with epic boss battles.


  • Little replay value.


AirAttack is a brief refreshing blast of fresh air for shoot'em-ups on the App Store and is definitely worth checking out.

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It can't be said that developers Art In Games didn't strike while the iron was hot and they've promptly released their new shoot'em-up AirAttack after the disappointing 1942: FIRST STRIKE failed to impress. While both of these games have a similar vibe it's hard to make a genuine comparison as AirAttack simply blows the opposition out of the water.

There are three standard control schemes to choose from and players can take their pick from the available touch, tilt or virtual stick options. As you cruise through the eight available levels you'll encounter over fifty different enemies, ranging from the obvious selection of planes and bombers to tanks, trains and even 'experimental' jets. Upgrades can be purchased from regularly available check-points, however some of the heavier hitting bonuses will need to be unlocked before purchasing them. Special weapons are activated by on screen buttons and a building-busting bomb can be dropped with a double-tap.

The real show-stopper is just how beautiful AirAttack looks, with smooth realistic 3D graphics that remain rock solid from start to finish. To further raise the tension, some fights zoom in on the landscape or loop around a spot, giving players some variety in gameplay and boss tactics.

It almost feels petty to ask for more, but the short campaign does leave you wanting for more and once completed there's not a lot of replay value left. Still, for a single dollar action-fans could do worse than spending it on AirAttack.


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