Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman! Review

By , on May 13, 2010

Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!
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3 out of 5


  • Creative and exciting stunts to master.
  • Puts you in the driver's seat.
  • Keep an eye on your injury list ;)


  • Random level elements can be subtle.
  • 3D engine can be distracting.


Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman! is an amusing and extremely fun game that will have you biting your nails almost every time Dave launches off the ramp.

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'Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!' by M-Digital Media is a quirky rag-doll physics game that delivers truly insane stunts and inspired level designs that defy reality in a deliciously amusing way.

Each stunt performed on Dave's tour of mayhem is broken up in to two phases, with the 'overview' allowing you to check out the level and modify your ramp and the 'stunt' phase allowing you to take control of your daredevil's destiny by driving his motorcycle over the ramp and to glory - or an expensive hospital bill. The overview phase is controlled via a simple touch-interface, while stunt driving will require nerves of steel to carefully accelerate the bike with a swipe-and-hold to the correct speed to survive.

Levels are varied and quickly jumps from typical stadium stunts to extreme stunts like jumping a canyon in to a tiny mineshaft opening and even helping the local police by delivering a bomb to the fourth floor of a building. The 3D graphics are kept simple and use low detail textures with basic models, but this does help to keep the game running at a high framerate which helps to nail that perfect ramp speed for your precise jumping.

With such a competent physics engine it would have been nice to see the rag-doll physics being used more predominantly in the gameplay, but some of the more challenging stunts will give you plenty of opportunity to watch Dave roll about in a delightfully painful way. Lots of fun and certainly a hard game to put down.


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