Crazy Test - Simple, Addictive, Fun! Review

By , on May 14, 2010

Crazy Test - Simple, Addictive, Fun!
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4 out of 5


  • 70 different games to play with multiple difficulties.
  • Tonnes of unlockable achievements.
  • Creative and humorous style.


  • Not all micro-games are immediately clear.


Crazy Test by Tactile Entertainment definitely earns its title by mixing fast-firing micro-games with a unique comedy style that will be a hit for any WarioWare fan.

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Crazy Test by Tactile Entertainment tries its hand at micro-games, attempting to out-crazy the forerunner of this new style of gaming, WarioWare. Despite its overwhelming obsession with cats, Crazy Test is a madcap title that's hard not to smile at while playing - besides, how often do you get to hit a lazy panda with a slingshot?

In true micro-game style, each game uses a different set of controls, varying from shaking the iPhone to make a bottle of soda explode to erasing thought bubbles with vigorous swipes. As you play through the main game mode you'll unlock each of the 70 available micro-games which you then play individually to unlock more achievements.

In keeping with its 'crazy' theme, the game's cartoonish artwork is mixed with edited photographs that often involve a series of cats. Each mini-game features its own music and sound effect style, which prevents the game from feeling like a sequence of half-arsed games and often adds to the hilarity of each situation.

Crazy Test's 'wackiness' may wear off quickly, especially once you've unlocked and played all of the available micro-games, but just like WarioWare its appeal comes directly from the constantly increasing difficulty that throws such simple games out of control. Insanely great value while its launch sale discount persists and a great game for any mini-game or WarioWare fan.


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