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Front Runner Review

Front Runner Review

From Wario-ware inspired micro-games to addictive Tamagotchi-esque creature simulators, Tactile Entertainment definitely has a pedigree of attempting unique and involving titles. Their latest game 'Front Runner' is no exception and where flashy bullet-hell bonanzas are the norm, this title goes for something a little more off the beaten track.   Players take control of the Front Runner in an attempt to dispense a bit of payback against annoying space 'villains' that seem more…

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Pocket Creatures Review

Review Tactile Games ApS By Andrew Nesvadba, 12 years, 6 months ago
Pocket Creatures Review

Almost less than a week after their micro-game App 'Crazy Test' hit the store, developer Tactile Entertainment has released their much anticipated title 'Pocket Creatures' for the iPhone and iPad. You'll take charge of an insanely cute critter as he explores what at first seems like an extremely small environment that turns in to a treasure-trove of gameplay to explore. Double touching and dragging the screen will give you the lay of the land, allowing you to quickly check out the gam…

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Crazy Test - Simple, Addictive, Fun! Review

Review Tactile Games ApS By Andrew Nesvadba, 12 years, 7 months ago
Crazy Test - Simple, Addictive, Fun! Review

Crazy Test by Tactile Entertainment tries its hand at micro-games, attempting to out-crazy the forerunner of this new style of gaming, WarioWare. Despite its overwhelming obsession with cats, Crazy Test is a madcap title that's hard not to smile at while playing - besides, how often do you get to hit a lazy panda with a slingshot? In true micro-game style, each game uses a different set of controls, varying from shaking the iPhone to make a bottle of soda explode to erasing thought bu…

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Penny & Flo: Finding Home

Penny & Flo: Finding Home FREE!

App 1.35.3

Lily’s Garden: Design & Match

Lily’s Garden: Design & Match FREE!

App 2.37.4

Cookie Cats Blast

Cookie Cats Blast FREE!

App 1.30.1

Bee Brilliant Blast

Bee Brilliant Blast FREE!

App 1.36.0

Cookie Cats Pop

Cookie Cats Pop FREE!

App 1.51.1

Cookie Cats™

Cookie Cats™ FREE!

App 1.66.0

Disco Ducks

Disco Ducks FREE!

App 1.70.3

Bee Brilliant

Bee Brilliant FREE!

App 1.86.5

Skyline Skaters

Skyline Skaters FREE!

App 2.16.1

Chasing Yello for Tango

Chasing Yello for Tango FREE!

App 1.0.4