Pocket Creatures Review

By , on May 17, 2010

Pocket Creatures
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5 out of 5


  • Immense amounts of character.
  • Creative sandbox gameplay.
  • Huge variety of unlockable abilities.


  • Smart-actions can easily be mixed up.


Even without additional content, Pocket Creatures is so full of character and creativity that you'll be sucked in and will have to find plenty of time in your day to keep enjoying this amazing title.

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Almost less than a week after their micro-game App 'Crazy Test' hit the store, developer Tactile Entertainment has released their much anticipated title 'Pocket Creatures' for the iPhone and iPad. You'll take charge of an insanely cute critter as he explores what at first seems like an extremely small environment that turns in to a treasure-trove of gameplay to explore.

Double touching and dragging the screen will give you the lay of the land, allowing you to quickly check out the game's relatively small sandbox environment. Double tapping will move your creature and holding and dragging items will allow various objects to interact with each other. The controls can sometimes glitch or get confused over the particular action you're trying to achieve, but this may be due to the iPhone's smaller screen as the iPad version feels much smoother.

Your Pocket Creature is one of the only 3D objects in the world, but the variety of animations and emotions expressed are extraordinary. As a player you have a lot of controls over the environment and can mold your creature to be devious and evil or a friend to all the game's critters, while various unlockable outfits give you unique god-like powers to play around with.

There's an incredible amount of gameplay available in Pocket Creatures and anyone who enjoyed games like Pocket God will immediately enjoy the appeal of managing your creature and his extremely entertaining world. An excellent game for the iPad if you have the option.


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