Nirvana Revenge Review

By , on May 14, 2010

Nirvana Revenge
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4 out of 5


  • 13 Nirvana tracks for less than their price on iTunes.
  • Extra features for fans of Nirvana.
  • Four landscape tracks.


  • Odd audio sync issues.


Nirvana Revenge is a surprisingly tasteful Tap Tap game that tones down the usual excessive flair while providing 13 great tracks to enjoy playing.

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Nirvana joins other artists like Lady Gaga, Dave Matthews, Metallica and Justin Bieber in getting an exclusive Tap Tap game for iDevices. Nirvana Revenge is Tapulous' band exclusive title that features not only 13 well known tracks, but a selection of audio clips from interviews with the band to introduce each song.

There's no major deviation from the usual formula for Nirvana Revenge, with most tracks featuring three lanes for 'beats' so the player can tap in time to their chosen song and a bonus point mode can be activated by shaking after reaching a 50 note streak. Players will also have to flick their device in the direction of falling arrows, but this can be turned off. The audio syncing is slightly off, requiring you to rely on the game's visuals more than the audio and can make harder difficulties needlessly frustrating.

The artwork has been kept sedate, using a guitar fret board for the track lanes and images of the band to indicate how well you're performing. Only two tracks are available with the initial download, but the remaining tracks can be downloaded in bulk at no extra charge. Much like the other Tap Tap titles, the patterns can swing between instruments at random, but it would have been nice if more focus was given to the guitars.

For the price of entry fans of Nirvana get a handful of great high-quality tracks and a fun game to enjoy them with and what more could you really ask for?


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