Tap Master I Review

By , on August 4, 2010

Tap Master I
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3 out of 5


  • Five simple tap-based microgames.
  • Designed for extreme levels of competitive play.
  • Achievements and experience to earn as you progress.


  • Short on meaningful gameplay.


If you're a competitive, self-motivated gamer, Tap Master I might give you the quick-fire fix you need.

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When a developer from Revoc Technologies contacted us about Tap Master I, he was adamant that this game, as simple as it may seem, was extremely addictive. Skeptical as I was of the usual PR pitch, he wasn't kidding; there's something bizarrely addictive about trying to out-do yourself and others at even simple tasks.

Tap Master I packs five different 'tap' themed games that are quick and easy to play, but getting that top score isn't easy. It's hard to call these games, but thanks to the recent microgame boom from Warioware style titles it's clear to see that even trying to tap out a perfect 'one second' or reacting to a timer can be engaging. However, the game isn't without some bonuses and players can earn experience and achievements while playing, feeding in to the ever-hungry maw of achievement junkies that need to reach that next award to post on their Facebook account.

The interface is extremely clean, with a large and very responsive button and timer for each game variation. Stats are also displayed, showing your personal high scores, attempts and averages over time. It's a basic affair, but despite the simple gameplay Revoc haven't skimped on their aesthetic designs.

Despite how good Tap Master I feels, it's still hard to immediately recommend as not everyone is quite so aggressive about high-scores or personal best times. If you get a chance, definitely give Tap Master I a go, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.


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