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Tap Master I Review

Review Revoc Technologies, LLC By Andrew Nesvadba, 13 years, 10 months ago
Tap Master I Review

When a developer from Revoc Technologies contacted us about Tap Master I, he was adamant that this game, as simple as it may seem, was extremely addictive. Skeptical as I was of the usual PR pitch, he wasn't kidding; there's something bizarrely addictive about trying to out-do yourself and others at even simple tasks. Tap Master I packs five different 'tap' themed games that are quick and easy to play, but getting that top score isn't easy. It's hard to call these games, but thanks to…

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Diaballic Review

Review Revoc Technologies, LLC By Damian Chiappara, 14 years, 5 months ago
Diaballic Review

Diaballic is a quick action platformer where players must try to guide their small bouncing ball as far as possible without hitting any obstacles or falling off the edge of the level. Players must try and max out their highscore by not only travelling a great distance but also by collecting different coloured crystals. Players control their ball's direction using the two arrows on screen and jump by tapping the other large button. Players will not only need to find a path and avoid al…

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