Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Review

By , on September 6, 2010

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor
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4 out of 5


  • Easy to learn turn-based RPG system.
  • Smooth difficulty scaling.
  • Crafting system for unique and special items.


  • Low character detail.
  • Cluttered controls.


Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is an excellent turn-based RPG with an amazingly simple combat system that only gets better as you delve deeper in to your chosen character path.

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Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is a breath of fresh air for me, not only as a reviewer, but as a gamer that has been craving a good old turn-based RPG for a while now. In this title from Crescent Moon Games you'll get to follow Rose's exploits as she unravels family secrets and battles for treasure in the many vaults scattered around the Rimelands.

As you progress further in to the game you'll be given the opportunity to delve down the three typical classes of hero, choosing to dispatch enemies with brute strength, cunning or magic. In each case you'll need to spend your limited resource of mana to activate unique abilities and rolling dice against opponents to attack or defend yourself. The dice system is a surprisingly simple and effective method of determining combat and each class gains opportunities to exploit the system for their own benefit.

If Rimelands has any weakness it's in the cluttered feel of the world and interface, with buttons circling the entire screen and characters losing a lot of detail due to the zoomed out perspective. The world itself is quite beautiful and luscious, with rich colors and lighting giving a sense of depth to the environment, but the trade-off is generic looking humanoids distinguished almost entirely by just their color.

However this is mere nit-picking when compared to the game's fun RPG gameplay, interesting storyline and unique challenges that change depending on what character you choose to play. A definitely must try for fans of western RPGs.


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