Pocket Frogs Review

By , on September 16, 2010

Pocket Frogs
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4 out of 5


  • Fun frog-breeding gameplay with minigames to tame new frogs.
  • Offline play that updates when back online.
  • Cute visuals with high definition graphics.


  • Like most freemium titles, expect to spend a lot of effort (or money) for little rewards over a long period of time.


It's possible to get quite far in Pocket Frogs initially and for a free title that's able to provide hours of fun that's a great investment no matter how you look at it.

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As entries in to the 'freemium' model of games go, Pocket Frogs by NimbleBit has a unique charm of its own. Instead of a farm or a castle to play with, you'll need to breed and take care of your collection of frogs, sharing and cataloging each of the 10,000+ frogs while maintaining multiple habitats to keep them all happy.

OK you don't have to collect EVERY frog, but once you've started your journey in to breeding these beautiful creatures you'll start checking your way off the game's insanely huge achievement list to earn more experience for newer, rarer frogs. There are two major features to the gameplay for players to master, with players taming frogs that are new to their collection by playing a lily-pad hopping mini-game to eat flies (and catch the occasional bonus gift), and breeding to selectively grow new frogs for trading or making a healthy cash profit.

As with any freemium title, everything takes real time to happen, from hatching eggs to delivering new items, but potions and stamps can be collected to speed up the process and packs are also available to purchase in the store to bulk up your stocks. The game itself is just beautiful, with a lot of effort going in to the variety of backgrounds, the frogs themselves, additional items, and even the interface.

Also as an added bonus, Pocket Frogs is on the Plus+ network, so those already playing titles like We Rule will have a leg-up on trading right out the gate. For the price of 'free' there's no reason not to pick up Pocket Frogs, just don't forget to feed yourself too.


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