Blind World Review

By , on October 14, 2010

Blind World
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3 out of 5


  • Unique point-based exploration gameplay.
  • Calm visuals and background music.
  • Free-floating objects to add some complexity.


  • Poor performance issues on iPhone 4.
  • Limited replay value.


Blind World is a unique experience, though not an entirely satisfying one as players have to struggle through conflicting gameplay features.

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In the interest of full disclosure I will point out that Blind World by Dmitriy Kuzmenko was not reviewed on release as its crashing issues made it an impossible game to fairly review. However after a recent patch the game was finally made playable and this beautifully designed puzzler has been given a chance to shine.

In each level of Blind World your objective is to carefully and with purposefully explore the world around you in order to reach a preset 'point' value for your actions. Players can either tilt, touch or use a combination of both to rotate the world around their ball, splattering any surface it touches with paint to identify new objects and boundaries. Slow, purposeful movement is rewarded with 'combo' points, however leaving the surface you're on resets this combo and subsequently the points you can earn.

At first this isn't so much of a problem however even slight, slow bumps as you try to transition around sharp corners make it virtually impossible to not lose your combo. Thankfully this doesn't hamper progression too much, but other complications like free-moving objects in the levels themselves can make restarts a frustrating necessity. The game's simplistic visuals match the game's relatively calm gameplay style, but it's the beautiful background music that really ties things together.

Blind World fits in to that niche category of games that are more about the 'experience' then anything else, but regardless of this it's an amazingly interesting time-waster and a unique title to add to your collection.


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