Space Bunnies Review

By , on March 10, 2011

Space Bunnies
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4 out of 5


  • Pick-up and play simplicity; swipe, tilt and tap to win.
  • Fun pinball-like arcade gameplay with a few twists.
  • Universal iDevice support; HD visuals for Retina and iPad displays.


  • No alternative controls; tilt sensitivity options also absent.
  • No background music; levels feel emptier without more audio to fill it in.


Space Bunnies is a cute, simple, casual pinball-like tilt title that's great for younger audiences, but a little lacking for those after more of a challenge.

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Bunnies are by their very nature an extremely cute species - sure we could get in to how we as humans are conditioned to various forms of 'cuteness', but damn it I just like bunnies, leave me alone! Space Bunnies follows the adventures of a race of alien bunnies who for reasons unknown are green and look like Gir in his dog-suit from Invader Zim, but I digress... they need to find a new home and you'll need to fly their ship of cuddles and rainbows across the universe in search of a stable planet.

Once you've launched your ship by dragging and selecting a direction and power you'll be able to continue maneuvering it by tilting the screen. For more reasons that are unknown this universe is populated with large bouncy orbs that can be eventually popped if they're small enough, however power-ups such as an explosion can make the task easier while also providing a handy way to dispatch of hazards such as fuel sucking creatures or asteroids. Cloaking is also available to sneak by enemies, but perhaps one of the greatest hazards to avoid are the black holes that suck you in if you don't swipe and boost your way out of it as soon as possible.

For the most part Space Bunnies is a fairly casual experience, with the difficulty only really ramping up if you choose to dedicate your time to alternative objectives such as finding all the habitable worlds on each level. The super-cute visual theme marries well with the casual emphasis and with full Retina and iPad support available out of the box it looks great no matter what device you use.

Space Bunnies is a fun way to kill some time, though its replayability is limited, so enjoy it while the levels last.


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