Age of Zombies™ Review

By , on October 27, 2010

Age of Zombies®
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5 out of 5


  • Real zombie 'hordes' that can easily surround you.
  • Lots of weapons to play with.
  • Boss levels for an added challenge.
  • Fun visual design with a rockin' soundtrack.


  • No proper backgrounding / mid-level progression not saved on exit.


Age of Zombies goes for bigger, badder and better and as a result Halfbrick studios manages to rekindle the magic of slaughtering zombies en masse.

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Monster Dash was only the start of the adventures of Barry Steakfries and now devotees of his monster-stomping ways can blast through time and space in Halfbrick Studio's latest release, Age of Zombies.

At first glance, the game couldn't seem more conventional as you blast away at zombies with a pistol loaded with infinite ammo and maneuver your barely shaven hero around the screen with twin-stick controls. But then the little details start to shine through and what should be just another action title quickly ramps up in to an all-out war against zombie-kind. Zombies pour through time-portals in surprisingly huge numbers and you'll need to make use of the environment to funnel or group them effectively to devastate them with various power-ups that add to your arsenal. And don't think you can merely kite them forever as each time period adds unique zombie variants and multiple spawning points around each level to quickly surround and munch on Mr. Steakfries' face.

It may be late to mention it now, but it should be said that the visuals are 'colorful' in terms of gore, but in typical Halfbrick style the artwork is lovingly detailed despite the pixel art style and hints of classics like Metal Slug shine through (I swear when he says 'shotgun!' I get flashbacks to the arcade). As you complete each area in the main campaign you'll also unlock an endless mode for the usual high-score shenanigans that are expected of these titles.

Instead of aiming for innovation, Age of Zombies goes for 'bigger & better' and Halfbrick Studios manages to pull it off with style. Age of Zombies crosses swords (or is that pistols?) with the best of the crowd and may just re-kindle your joy for mass zombie slaughter.


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