ChuChu Rocket! Review

By , on October 28, 2010

ChuChu Rocket!
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Released: 28 Oct, 2010
  • Size: 24.4 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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4 out of 5


  • Classic gameplay repackaged for modern devices.
  • Fast-paced puzzler with tonnes of content.
  • 4 player local multiplayer.


  • Touch controls feel 'sticky'; especially on menu buttons.
  • No new content for the App Store.


Unlike SEGA's previous revivals, ChuChu Rocket! feels perfectly at home on an iDevice, making this a must have for puzzle fans that haven't tried the original.

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If you never had a chance to play ChuChu Rocket! the first time around on the Dreamcast, then you're in for a treat as SEGA have ported this title over for the App Store.

This classic puzzle title of 'cat and mouse' antics takes a somewhat surreal twist as you attempt to help the mice (Chu-Chus) to escape the clutches of the hungry cats (Kapu-Kapu). Both the mice and the cats will run endlessly around in loops, turning to their right every time they hit a surface and you'll need to direct them by placing arrows on the tiles by swiping. In the 'puzzle' mode you'll be allowed to place these arrows down before commencing, but in the 'challenge' mode you're thrown directly in to the action and you have a limited time to make sure you complete the task at hand (including feeding the cat with enough mice).

Outside of the touch controls the game is very much a direct port of the original - in fact FAQs for the original will help you to complete the game's immense amount of puzzles and challenges if you need it. The graphics are pleasantly cartoonish and look almost perfectly suited for modern iDevices, though it's hard for the game to not show its age when something as simple as touching buttons on screen feels sticky and out of place.

A small slice of SEGAs gaming history has once again been given new life on the App Store and while for some this may be a nostalgic experience, for newer gamers this is a fun and challenging puzzler that will keep them busy for hours.


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