Flick Champions Review

By , on September 21, 2011

Flick Champions Classic
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3 out of 5


  • Each sport is its own unique and fun experience.
  • Can be played with a friend on the same iPhone.


  • Games where you use your finger to move your character are made difficult through obscured vision.
  • Unlocking is tedious.


While the game modes are fun and varied, the time or money spent to unlock all the content leaves a little bit of a sour taste.

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Welcome to the wide world of flick sports! Do you have the intestinal fortitude to conquer the rankings of eight sports and become the flick champion? No? Well the good news is you can still have some fun regardless. All of the eight sports can be played in cup or exhibition mode, with a friend on the same iPhone, or in a tournament against the computer with multiple difficulty settings.

The sports on offer are soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, bowling, archery, golf, and gridiron. Each sport plays differently and all control quite well and are fun in their own way. One of the more unique games is soccer, where your players are stationary and can kick the ball around, but act like magnets pulling the ball towards them when its near. Upon purchase, only the first four sports are available, with everything else revealed either through in-app purchase or earning enough experience through play to unlock them. This wouldn't be an issue normally but the amount of experience needed to unlock the later sports is quite high, and only the most dedicated players are going to enjoy golf or gridiron without paying some extra money.

All the sports are viewed from a top down perspective with the entire field of play taking up the screen. The players are represented by blockish characters in the colors of the country you chose at the beginning of the game. Everything works and the only visual problem is your finger obscuring the screen in games such as tennis and hockey. The sound is sparse and works for the most part, but for instance, the cheers in basketball every time you shoot a basket can get very annoying quickly.

Flick Champions is a lot of fun. All the sports have a unique twist on how they're played, and with the multiple cups and ability to play against friends, this game has some serious longevity. It's just a shame that to experience everything you either have to pay extra money or grind out experience till the game becomes no longer fun.


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