Evil Dead Review

By , on June 8, 2011

Evil Dead
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3 out of 5


  • Interestingly stylized visuals; cartoonish with a sinister edge.
  • Follows the movies with a bit of artistic license for additional action.


  • Performance issues; stuttering frame-rate during combat.
  • Awkward combat controls; hard to aim shotgun and bullets occasionally 'disappear' after firing.


It would be great to say this is the Evil Dead game people have been waiting for, but despite its source material and simple concept it fails to excite.

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I, for one, have nothing to complain about when it comes to the Bruce Campbell love of late. Clearly I'm not the only one craving more one-liners and Trigger Apps have released their twin-stick shooter re-telling of the Evil Dead movies (with a bit of artistic license thrown in). As Ash you'll need to beat back Deadites and possessed flora and fauna while trying to protect your friends from the evil slowly overtaking them.

For much of the game you'll be limited in your available resources, sticking to a fairly basic axe to chop down enemies while occasionally picking up a shotgun (and other movie-featured weapons) to mow them down with ease. Sadly the controls are a large sticking point, with moving and aiming being challenging enough without collision detection issues also cropping up. To hit enemies with the axe you'll need to face them, but this also means potentially walking in to them while turning about and copping a slap to the face; shooting the shotgun works much like any other twin-stick shooter (aim with the firing stick to shoot in that direction), but aiming can be touchy, which isn't helpful when you only have a limited amount of ammunition.

While the gameplay suffers due to sticky controls, the visuals are something else altogether. Given the absurdist style of the original movies (semi-realistic horror with slapstick comedy stylings), it's actually neat to see the world rendered in a cartoonish chibi-like fashion complete with Nintendo Wii stylized characters. Having gore splash on to your screen (seemingly at random) can be annoying, but it does add to the challenge as you choose between being able to see incoming enemies or taking out a few more first.

Evil Dead does an admirable job at trying to recreate the storyline of the first movie while improvising additional story elements, but ultimately it's more frustrating than fun to play. There's not a lot of room for error when approaching a franchise that's considered a cult-classic and while the game has some merit your time could be better spent watching the original movie again.


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