Eve of Impact Review

By , on October 31, 2011

Eve of Impact
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3 out of 5


  • No matter how good you get at the game, there is always a sense of inevitable defeat.
  • Great haunting soundtrack.


  • It might be on purpose, but even direct hits don't always destroy asteroids.


It's Missile Command with a greater sense of the consequences of failure. Not much more too it, but a worthwhile gaming experience.

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With a title like 'Eve of Impact', one gets sort of an apocalyptic vibe. The game itself does a good job of reinforcing this uneasy feeling. Earth is being bombarded by asteroids. Spaceships are carrying people to safety off-world and as the controller of the planet defense grid, you need to delay the planet's inevitable destruction to save as much of the population as possible.

Essentially this is missile command. A tap on the screen will send a missile out to that location. The goal is to destroy the incoming asteroids, and if the explosion causes the asteroid to break up into smaller chunks, you need to destroy them too. Be mindful of the fleeing spaceships however as exploding one can drastically impact your score. The earth is protected by a shield which regenerates over time. Lastly, there is a shock wave attack you can perform that will eat up a great amount of shield, but will obliterate any asteroids close to the home planet.

The visuals are decent enough, although the action might be a little too zoomed out for some player's liking. The soundtrack is very atmospheric and haunting, reinforcing the hopelessness of the given situation.

While an immersive experience (especially for such a simple game), the missiles seem to only explode asteroids when they feel like it. While this might be on purpose, it does make the game more frustrating than it perhaps needs to be. Regardless, the tone set by this title makes it an intriguing play.


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