Robbery Bob™ Review

By , on May 18, 2012

Robbery Bob™
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4 out of 5


  • Amusing dialogue between robber and benefactor.
  • High tension as you avoid occupants, cops, and traps.
  • Shadow hint system.


  • Not for cautious players; you need to be willing to risk getting captured to be the best robber you can be.


Containing humor alongside its pilfering gameplay, Robbery Bob rewards those willing to take risks while relieving people of their broken and worthless possessions

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When being broken out of jail by a mysterious benefactor, I guess it only stands to reason that you'd be indebted to this person, even if he wishes you to perform the tasks that got you sent to the slammer in the first place. Unfortunately as Robbery Bob unfolds, you find this benefactor to be more and more unhinged, sending you into harm's way for increasingly baffling use of your ninja like pilfering skills.

This is a game of stealth and steely resolve. Each level consists of a goal that is the purpose of your break-in to obtain, but for a perfect score, you need to remain undetected, grab enough loot to fulfill your quota, and do so under a set time limit. Control is quite simple. You move via responsive analogue stick, and if wishing to move faster than your undetectable sneaking allows, you can hold a run button, but be warned, this will alert the sheep like denizens of the house who spend their time lolly-gagging out the window and other such worthwhile pursuits.

Being detected is not the end of the world however. You can run and hide, making use of the house's layout to your advantage. Sure the occupants may call the police, but they can be avoided as well through some smart timing. And timing is essentially what the game is all about. Sometimes you need to move like the wind, breathing down the back of a patrolling occupant's neck, while other times you need to hide behind a door or in a cardboard box, waiting for the right time to move elsewhere. If a level is giving you problems, you can call on the help of Bob's shadow, which will show you the optimal route through. The first use of this is free, but then you'll have to pay extra for more walk-through aid.

Reminiscent of the Commandos series on PC, Robbery Bob combines strategy, nerves of steel, and a cartoony aesthetic complete with doses of humor to round out an addictive and nail biting bite-sized gaming experience. A great game for those looking to test their sneaking skills all the way from suburbia to the ominous secret lab.


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