Beat Sneak Bandit Review

By , on February 16, 2012

Beat Sneak Bandit
  • Publisher: Simogo AB
  • Genre: Music
  • Released: 16 Feb, 2012
  • Size: 173.5 MB
  • Price: $2.99
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5 out of 5


  • Timing-based puzzle platforming, given a literal rhythmic twist.
  • Sumptuous visual design; rich, colorful and bouncing with life.
  • Musical themes that integrate with the gameplay itself; almost possible to play blindfolded.


  • Nagging 'skip level' notification; only needs to appear once (add option to menu).


Beat Sneak Bandit is the sort of game that comes from a mad fever dream that mixes games like Trilby: The Art of Theft and Dance Dance Revolution... the end result is something that carefully balances its puzzles with a rhythm based system, sucking you right in and not letting go until you're done.

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Simogo are quickly establishing themselves as the quirky, but undoubtedly rock-solid sort of developer you can trust to bring quality gaming to the App Store. Beat Sneak Bandit is the latest release from the Swedish developers and is easily their greatest triumph as it elegantly blends addictive gameplay with audio/visual elements to create a jaw-dropping puzzle experience.

All the clocks in the world have been stolen, but the Beat Sneak Bandit has a good idea where they've all been taken. So, it's off to Duke Clockface's castle to steal them back and thankfully his security defenses are just the kind the Bandit prefers... based on rhythm.

Everything in the level ticks, bounces, opens, closes and otherwise moves about in time to the music in the level. This in turn adds to the rhythm, allowing you to quite literally 'hear' the obstacles in your way, from trap doors to lumbering guards and even automated vacuums set to 'burglar' strength.

This becomes all the more important as the Bandit can only 'sneak' by tapping to the rhythm, moving in a straight path and bumping in to walls, staircases and pits if he happens to come across them. The challenge then becomes one of learning the level's timings, moving the bandit to the beat and avoiding hazards while also attempting to collect various 'small clocks' to help unlock bonus stages. These levels are entirely silhouetted, forcing players to rely more on aural, rather than visual clues to complete them.

Beat Sneak Bandit wriggles and jives with life. Almost everything in the lusciously designed stenciled world moves to the beat without managing to be overwhelming - not an easy feat when players make their way through environments like a dungeon, a laboratory and a clock tower on their way to defeating Duke Clockface.

Puzzle titles almost always have a 'Eureka!' moment where you understand the shape of a problem and the solution is clear as day. Beat Sneak Bandit is nothing but these moments, one after another, as pieces of the puzzle eventually fit together like clockwork - as a result the solution plays out almost by itself. You'll be hard pressed to put this game down until you've 'clocked' it entirely - a must have for all iPhone gamers.


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