League of Evil 2 Review

By , on February 16, 2012

League of Evil 2
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4 out of 5


  • The same rock-solid, lightning quick controls you've come to know and enjoy.
  • Smooth, high definition visual upgrade; less Megaman, more Super Meat Boy.
  • Boss encounters mix up the challenge.


  • Currently experiencing random crashes that exit the game; more worryingly, some are experiencing progress loss.
  • More of the same; not necessarily a problem, but it doesn't push any new boundaries either.


If you loved League of Evil, you'll eat up the sequel by the spoonful even if it does feel like the same thing in a pretty new package; it's a shame more wasn't done with the boss-encounters, but you'll be too hard pressed mastering the near 100 other levels to be too upset.

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When League of Evil first hit the App Store, it proved (once again) that platformers don't have to feel clunky and imprecise thanks to poor controls. The snappy and responsive system of double-jumps, wall-sliding and wall-bouncing allowed for complex level designs that tested the players skill, making every star earned feel like a badge of honor.

League of Evil 2 doesn't so much as push that boundary any further as it refines an already amazing title in to something with better visual splendor. If you loved the first game, strap in for more of the same - well OK, not entirely the same... there are boss levels now.

Instead of trying to offer more variety, League of Evil 2 sticks to what it does best without messing with the formula. This might be a let down for some, but having an opportunity to knock over 100 or so finely tuned levels with a smooth scaling level of difficulty is never a disappointment. As with the original the controls are rock-solid, with players able to move about, jump and attack with lightning speed and precision, making some of the game's tight 'three-star' time restrictions satisfying to conquer.

The most immediate and obvious change to the series is the shift to high definition sprites that don't detract from the gameplay at all - the original simplistic pixel-art helped to keep things running smoothly, but you'll find little to no performance problems even with the higher resolution artwork.

Aside from completing the basic levels, players can tackle a series of boss encounters, each with their own briefcase and time-limit to beat as well. There are also a series of costumes to unlock as you progress and if you so choose you can switch between them at will.

Ultimately League of Evil 2 feels like the gaming equivalent of Evil Dead 2 - while it follows many of the same beats it's a product that's more comfortable with itself and it's hard to fault it for giving more of the same. If you enjoyed the original, there's no reason not to tackle this game too.


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