Armed and Gorgeous HD Review

By , on February 22, 2012

Armed and Gorgeous HD
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3 out of 5


  • Fun and sexy variety of nerdy outfits.
  • Handful of varied units and boss encounters to mix things up.
  • Clean comic-book inspired visuals.


  • Basic and easy to exploit gameplay.
  • Wizards need to be tweaked; nuking you from over a screen away feels cheap.
  • Clunky music transitions.


Whether you're swinging a sword, a whip, a light-saber or smacking foes with a scrubbing brush, Armed and Gorgeous HD makes beating up peasants look sexy; if only the combat was more than a repetitive smack-down it'd have something far more compelling.

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I have to confess that I'm not above a bit of fan-service, though at times it can make me feel like a creepy stalker and usually at these times I put the game away. However, when games like Bayonetta are packaged together with a fun and brutal beat'em-up, I can usually look past such hyper-sexualization as I concentrate on dodging and countering incoming attacks.

Armed and Gorgeous HD by Digital Worlds works as a miniaturized version of Bayonetta's formula, putting you in the shoes (or high-heels) of a sexy demoness/succubus and pitting you against waves of varied foes.

Where the game falls down is in providing a compelling fighting system - aside from using the occasional super-attack, you're stuck choosing between basic punch and kick combos. These do vary slightly depending on the weapon you've chosen (with new items unlocking as you progress or via In App Purchases), but combat can mostly be side-stepped by standing near a spawn point and punching everything else as they walk towards you.

The variety of enemies is surprising, though they rarely get an opportunity to show their worth as you crush them all within moments of coming near you. One of the only truly scary foes (and this includes bosses) is the Wizard as it casts a painful bolt of lightning that also stuns you - frustratingly he can do so from so far away that you can't tell where he's standing, making them an absolute nightmare if two or more hit the field.

Where Armed and Gorgeous manages to save itself is in its presentation, with the visual design aping a comic-book style perfectly and emphasizing the main character's sexiness without going over the top. Animation quirks do remove the weight of impact when hitting characters, but the game is otherwise easy on the eyes.

Armed and Gorgeous HD is no more and no less than a sexy beat'em-up - it doesn't really set itself up for anything more grand than a complete smack-down of everyone that comes near the sexy protagonist, and if that's all you're after when looking at some eye-candy, then this is for you.


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