Fancy Pants Adventures Review

By , on March 1, 2012

Fancy Pants Adventures
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5 out of 5


  • Natural-feeling control system; responds flawlessly and encourages smooth, elegant movement.
  • Tonnes of side-challenges to tackle; complete the story and work your way through again for even more content.
  • Simple, yet interesting visual style; a competent return to the popular 'doodle' style.


  • Wall-jumping occasionally doesn't feel as 'sticky' as it should; can make attempting a specific type of jump difficult.
  • Levels can be all-too-easily bypassed if you don't bother with side-tasks; makes pacing difficult to balance.


Every last pixel of Fancy Pants feels as though it's dedicated to making its platforming as smooth and flawless as possible; simply running around is a joy, let alone completing the game or taking on its many unlockable challenges, modes and side-objectives. A must-have iPhone title.

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If you own a PC or a Mac and you've not at least heard of or tried the freely available title 'Fancy Pants Adventures' then you've missed out on a real treat. The series acts as a genius example of just how fun a game can be when so much care and attention is placed in to how a character's movement feels as the player runs around the level. Developer Brad Borne's platforming title has made the transition to the iOS platform and despite the lack of physical controls you'll have no problem overcoming the many challenges put in your path.

Fancy Pants (the hero of the story) is out to save his sister from the clutches of a group of stupid pirates that have dubbed her their new Captain (long-story short, she kicks the old Captain in the family jewels and they take a shining to her 'sass'). Along the way you'll encounter a huge amount of challenges including loops, leaps of faith, wall-jumping puzzles and plenty of other mini-challenges such as collectables. There's so much to do that you'd be mad to try and complete it all as you go.

This is almost the highest praise that can be given to Fancy Pants as the act of running around, bouncing off enemies and sliding your way through buildings, caves and other environments is so much fun that it's hard not to have flashbacks to classics in the genre. Jump up a wall and keep pressing towards it and he'll perform a wall-climb; slide at the end of a platform and instead of falling you'll grab on to the edge; gain enough momentum and you can slide-attack a series of enemies and keep running after as though they were never there.

It's so smooth and natural that you'd be forgiven for forgetting there are alternate objectives such as unlockable stages and 'arcade' challenge rooms to pit you up against a skill-hardening series of stages that reward you for efficient and speedy platforming.

Fancy Pants is what modern platforming should feel like - utterly natural to those who have experienced the classics, yet approached in a way that feels unique and complex. If you love your platformers, you'd be barmy not to add this one to your collection.


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rekz 8 years, 6 months ago

Is it BARMY or balmy?Anyway, glad you think this runner/platoformer is great.  Seems fun.I will never play it, tho.  Not my cupotea.