Sky Hero™ Review

By , on December 11, 2012

Sky Hero™
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3 out of 5


  • Power-ups breaking the laws of physics (fall faster dammit!).
  • A bizarre collection of enemies.
  • Missions linked to multipliers.


  • Performance issues.


Another colorful and decently amusing game where you get as far as you can, spend some cash in the store, and try the whole thing over again.

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Your fortress is under attack, a message needs to be relayed to headquarters. What is a brave soldier to do? Why it is his prerogative, nay his duty, to leap from the tower and free fall to victory, avoiding enemy bombardment on the way down. Sky Hero puts you in the floppy pants of such a soldier. Your plummet is closely being followed by a menacing fire beast as well as his minions, which consist of barrels, cannons, and hacksaw carrying birdies.

Tilting is the name of the game as your steer your iPhone back and forth to navigate hazards, and to collect coins and power-ups. Power-ups include shields and the physics breaking speed up boost, which rockets you towards the floor. The further you fall, the closer you will likely come to completing missions which will up your multiplier and make acquiring riches and new costumes that much easier (although certain store unlocks are tied to gaining medals through constant play).

We've seen this formula before, but Sky Hero's take on the endless runner (or free-faller in this case), is marred by high store prices, and lack of entertaining gameplay beyond completing the missions given to you. The presentation is of a high quality, and it controls just fine, but the shop doesn't really add much added interest to the game, and the prices are so high that it requires a lot of grinding in a game in which the fun wears off all too soon, or the spending of money on the same game... in which the fun wears off all too soon.


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