Angry Birds Space Review

By , on March 26, 2012

Angry Birds Space
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4 out of 5


  • Clever use of new mechanics; gravity fields, precise aiming, and a new 'ice' bird.
  • Unlockable bonus maps with fun pop-references; also 'hardcore' mode available via IAP.


  • No universal support or iCloud saving.
  • Poor sound quality; obviously to save space on download, but no option to improve audio via post-install download.


When it comes to Angry Birds, you know what to expect, but Angry Birds Space tweaks things just enough to make that statement almost entirely obsolete; sporting brand new mechanics, birds and a host of fun and challenging levels, it's the sequel the series warranted.

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If any game on the App Store deserves a true sequel, it's Angry Birds. Rovio Mobile's classic hit still shapes the way in which developers approach making games for iOS device owners and while some of that success is owed to marketing, it's hard to argue against the game's approachable and addictive design. Now, after many half-steps, Angry Birds Space is the first title in the series to move the game forward, giving fans of the series something they can truly sink their teeth in to.

Back-story aside, the birds now find themselves fighting against pigs in space, which in game-terms amounts to the addition of gravity from planetoids that can curve your shot in many complicated ways. For a game that already sports a healthy does of trial-and-error, needing to account for the varied influences of gravity can ratchet things up a notch. Thankfully this also opens up a whole new set of strategic options for players to discover and master, adding a fresh twist on a game that's already so familiar.

The birds themselves have had a visual overhaul and while this is mostly aesthetic, some new features have been added in to the mix. Players can now tap the screen with the 'lazer' bird to precisely change its direction towards its intended target, while the all-new 'ice' bird acts as a sort of sticky version of the bomb bird, gumming together blocks that would otherwise fall apart and do minimal damage. Other new tactical opportunities include being able to push objects in to or out of gravity fields, popping various piggie-foes on the way.

60 levels are included in the base package, though players after something with a little more bite can try their hand at the Danger Zone, a 'hardcore' mode that teases players with its complexity before requiring an In App Purchase to unlock. Some may find needing to spend more money unappealing, but what's more disappointing is the lack of universal support and iCloud progression saving; for a huge release such as this it feels like a missed opportunity to embrace multiple iDevice users.

Still, there's no denying that the addictive appeal of Angry Birds has remained intact for their Space-themed adventure thanks to needing an equal mix of of skill, careful consideration and just a dash of luck.


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