Kitten Sanctuary Review

By , on April 9, 2012

Kitten Sanctuary
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4 out of 5


  • Diagonal swapping on the match three board is welcome.
  • The sanctuary mode is great for cat and virtual pet lovers.
  • Great Caribbean music.


  • The visuals all kind of blend together with the color palette being used.


While this is definitely aimed at younger players and lovers of all things kitten, the match three is fun and you definitely get your share of virtual pets.

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The match three genre reached critical mass some time ago and now to keep the format relevant we see the basic mechanics mixed with other genres in order to create new and engaging games. While definitely for the younger players, Kitten Sanctuary succeeds at this by combining the swapping of tiles with virtual pets, and a whole host of them to boot.

Aliens have come to Earth and they've catnapped a bunch of kittens on this tropical island. Each level consists of clearing a red area on the board to free a kitten from its cage which then gets transferred to your virtual playground. Here the freed kitten joins all the other freed kittens (fifty in all) where you can play with them, buy decorations and toys, and make sure they're fed and loved. Each kitten also has its own story and personality so there's plenty here for lovers of cute felines.

As well as clearing the red area during the match three game you must fill up the three food meters on the side of the screen (which correspond to the tiles in game) so that your kittens stay fed and healthy. When quotas are met, you can activate your super kitten power-up which clears an area of the screen, as well as the mixer and bomb tiles that pop up during play. Oh and best of all, matches can be made using diagonals to create a much more streamlined match three experience.

For virtual pet fanatics and lovers of match three games, Kitten Sanctuary was tailor made for you. Sure the age demographics is obviously younger than the majority of games we review, but this just might be the path to get your cat loving family member to slowly turn into a match three fan, and once that gate is open, you might be wishing you never started them down the path of no return.


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