Saving Private Sheep 2 Review

By , on May 2, 2012

Saving Private Sheep 2
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3 out of 5


  • A fun premise that unveils potential for some clever physics flinging action.
  • Playing hot potato with the porcupine to get all the coins and the star has its novelty.
  • There is a store, but it's superfluous to the game.


  • The potential never feels fully realized.
  • The star and coin collecting does feel like busy work rather than fleshing out playtime.
  • More music variety would have been appreciated.


Another physics flinger based on a fun premise that will offer some amusement before you move onto the next 'flavor of the month' in this genre.

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Wolves eat sheep. Everybody knows this, but did you know that a well placed porcupine will cause a wolf to cough that sheep right back up no worse for wear? A sheepish general observed by luck this phenomenon and now armed with this knowledge, a platoon of sheep soldiers, slingshots, and a load of porcupines dedicated to the cause, it's time to wage war on the wolves and rescue as many wooly brethren as possible.

In the vein of Angry Birds and the countless other games in the physics flinging genre, the gameplay premise of Saving Private Sheep 2 is quite simple. The slingshot at the start is used to try and splat the wolf at the end of the level. To accomplish this, many sheep are positioned along the way, and the levels become a game of hot potato, passing the porcupine from sheep to sheep to not only gain a clear shot at the wolf, but to collect all the coins and the star in each stage. New concepts such as fans, tubing, and speedy conveyer belts will both aid and hinder your goals, but if a level is giving you too much trouble you can always use the money gained to skip it (or buy new outfits, more ammunition, or to unlock every level).

If you purchase the premium mode, you get access to the level editor, which aside from allowing you to make your own stages, allows you to download the creations of other players. These modes always allow for a plethora of content and are a welcome addition to any game on any platform.

The original Saving Private Sheep was a physics game based around guiding a sheep safely to the ground ala Tumbledrop. The sequel has emulated Angry Birds and is quite competent at it, deciding to focus more on passing the projectile around rather than straight flinging destruction. The arc controls which guide where you shoot the porcupine are a little fiddly, and often the coin and star collecting seem like busywork, but if you're looking for more cartoony slingshot action, this release certainly won't pull the wool over your eyes.


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