Le Vamp Review

By , on March 20, 2013

Le Vamp
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3 out of 5


  • Great visual style. Plenty to keep you occupied during gameplay. Nice store pricing.


  • Disastrous framerate issues on older phones.
  • That single music track gets annoying fast.


An endless runner that gives you plenty to do and paces its power-ups and upgrades well. Framerate issues cause it to be more frustrating than fun.

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Oh the woes of being a vampire child. You want to go outside and play... but you're a vampire! In Le Vamp, it's up to you as the player to protect the titular tike as he frolics through the forest, and by frolic, I mean evading capture by an angry mob of villagers, staying nourished on delicious blood pigs, avoiding the sunlight, and not getting hamstrung by all the other nasty things that lurk with-in. It's a harder job than it sounds.

Every obstacle has a gesture assigned to it. Flinging blood pigs into Le Vamp's gaping maw will keep him running ahead of the villagers. Swiping to cut down trees will cover streams, swiping up and down will eradicate foes, holding your finger on the sun will stop its harm, and tapping coins will collect your monetary rewards (for use in the shop later). As you travel, the obstacles get faster and while early on you had some leeway if making a mistake, this becomes no longer the case. When the villagers dog-pile on you, you know the game is over.

One thing going for Le Vamp is an almost claymation style to its visuals, and the background having objects to interact with as well as the foreground. Because of the differing swipes, there's always something to do, and while the shop prices are kind of reasonable, if not a little high, the missions start off kind of difficult when it comes to the goals (especially when just starting out).

Of course this might be because on the 3GS at least, there were intense frame-rate and slowdown issues that rendered the game almost unplayable when things started speeding up. Even at full speed though, this is only a competent endless runner. The style and premise are nice, as is the variety of touch gestures giving the player something to do aside from jump and collect coins, but as the genre stands now, you have to do something drastic to stand out from the pack, and Le Vamp plays it relatively safe.


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DrAppFinger 6 years, 8 months ago

I got this game today free on FreeAppSlots.com. It's so addicting! I've been playing it for like two hours already. Who can resist those eyes?!