Snoopy Coaster Review

By , on March 26, 2013

Snoopy Coaster
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3 out of 5


  • Voice acting from the Peanuts characters backed by an amazing soundtrack.
  • Variety of backdrops.


  • A re-skin of Madcoaster complete with the flaws that game brought to the table.


Definitely for younger players and Peanuts fans, this re-skin has enough charm to somewhat excuse its gameplay.

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Snoopy Coaster is insidious. Last year Dave reviewed Madcoaster, and thought that it was an intriguing premise made far too forgiving, so much so that the game became quite boring. Well then why is Snoopy Coaster better when it's basically the same game with a different skin? well because Dave is a Peanuts fan of course, and while it's easy to sneer at a game using a licensed property to try and pull in fans of that property, the sad truth is that it works. Now don't get us wrong, this doesn't change the gameplay in any meaningful way but the change in presentation does a lot to add a certain level of charm.

For those who need a refresher on the gameplay, this is an endless runner on a roller-coaster. You jump to collect coins, travel on different tracks to gain more coins, and swipe furiously on the screen in the middle of a loop to earn more points. When the game finally ends (with the Peanuts cast horrifically crashing to their deaths), you use the coins acquired to buy upgrades and cosmetic changes to the coaster. There are also trading cards and comic to collect, benefiting the property this game is based on.

All the criticisms still remain however. The game is far too forgiving, with games lasting at least five minutes if not a lot longer, and the upgrades aren't really impressive, only extending the power-ups acquired in game (plus their prices while not overly expensive require a bit of grinding to achieve).

Let's talk presentation though. Your coaster is driven by Snoopy, with the carts behind containing Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, and Woodstock flying along with you. These characters are given personality through random spurts of dialogue littered throughout the game, invoking memories of the child actors who initially voiced these characters in the holiday specials. The issue with these random sound clips though is that you will hear repeats quite often, quite frequently. In fact if it wasn't for the amazing soundtrack, you'd probably turn the sound off altogether. Every distance milestone, you'll ride through a mine and change location, and with this location comes new music that honestly almost excuses how easy the game is sometimes because you get to sit back and enjoy the presentation.

But as a game, it's still definitely only one for younger audiences as the core mechanics don't really offer anything novel. All Dave's enjoyment stemmed from his love of the licensed property, and that alone cannot make or sustain a good game.


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