Dig! Review

By , on May 15, 2013

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3 out of 5


  • Affordable store prices.
  • The museum adds more of a completion factor outside how far down you can dig.
  • The transition between stages is excellent.


  • The game misinterprets taps as swipes and vice-versa.
  • Can be way too difficult.


It's Qix combined with setting up an archaeological dig in your backyard, all the while avoiding mummies and moles. With better controls and some balancing, this could be quite enjoyable.

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What recourse does a failed archaeologist have when the museum funding him is hurting for business? Well as a last ditch effort (get it?), he might try and set up a dig site in his backyard, excavating the wonders of the Earth to be put on display, and the further he digs, the more valuable treasures he hopes to find.

Dig is an arcade game where your shovel must excavate seventy five percent of the plot of land you have, hopefully discovering the five treasures hidden there before moving onto the next layer of dirt. A tap on the outside of the dig area will move you round, while a swipe will start digging. A tap can stop this dig at any time, and a swipe in another direction will cut across that way. Once a section has been completely cut out, it disappears, and any glowing mounds can be tapped to uncover what treasures you have discovered. This is all made more difficult by Nigel the mummy who will interrupt your digging, and some pesky moles that travel around the outside of the level to achieve the same ends. If you're wearing a hat, coming into contact with these creatures will only lead to the loss of said hat, but if you are hatless than it will be game over. You are given power-ups such as decoys or teleporters to escape from these situations, but the enemies are quite good at boxing you in, and if you're out of power-ups, then you're out of luck.

This difficulty is compounded by the controls misreading your inputs. You will often tap when you meant to swipe, and swipe when you meant to tap. This will cause you to travel where you do not want to travel, and ultimately will lead to your demise. These are two fairly large fundamental issues with the game, and mar the more enjoyable parts of the experience like the low shop prices, the banter between Douglas and the curator, and the presentation.

If you love the game Qix, you should be able to overlook some of the flaws of Dig in order to experience that gameplay with a splash of personality on top of it. As a general arcade experience however, the rest of the gaming populace should wait till these issues are addressed in a patch.


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