Leaping Legend Review

By , on July 8, 2013
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Leaping Legend
  • Publisher: Everplay
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Released: 19 Jun, 2013
  • Size: 15.7 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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3 out of 5


  • Neat spin on the endless-runner concept.
  • Chiptune soundtrack gets the pulse racing.


  • Balancing issues lead to untimely deaths.
  • Retry process is too slow.
  • Game-breaking crashes.


Leaping Legend's gameplay needs further balancing if it is to reach the same high level as its presentation.

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Any platforming fan will gladly talk endlessly about the virtues of the wall jump. Given its consistant use in both 2D and 3D platforming games - and its inherent awesomeness - it wasn't going to be too long before someone had the bright idea to build an endless-runner around the concept.

Enter Leaping Legend. A princess has been kidnapped and held in a tower, and as per usual, it is up to an intrepid adventurer to save her. Little do both parties know that this tower never ends.

The controls are your standard on-screen buttons setup. They're pretty responsive, allowing you to manouvre your character up, down, and between walls with confidence. As you climb, serrated blades attempt to slice you in two, while flaming arrows, barrels, and pot plants try to knock you off your perch. Luckily for you, there are three handy power-up to help keep you in one piece. The sword allows you to slice through obstacles while leaping. The shield will bust up anything in your path. The boots, meanwhile, grant added agility to pull off more impressive jumps.

The biggest hurdle in Leaping Legend's path to excellence, however, is the issue of balance. You see, rounds don't last very long in Leaping Legend. Every round, the game showers down a multitude of objects that will kill you if you attempt to jump. But, because of the spinning saws, you have to jump. As such, you often find yourself in a no-win scenario. The power-ups are obviously supposed to give you a way out of these situations, but it can be very easy to miss them either while coin collecting or just mistiming a leap.

Now, restarting is a part of every endless runner. But here, everytime you die the shopkeeper appears at the bottom of the screen to make a quip. This soon becomes frustrating, as it prevents you from getting back into the action. We also found that purchasing new character from the shop crashed the game and wiped out our coin balance. The prices in the shop are a little high, too, especially considering how much coin you earn in one game.

As it is, Leaping Legend's balancing issues make it difficult to wholeheartedly recommend. Perhaps an update can iron out some of the more troublesome difficulty spikes. For now, though, we suggest you look before you leap,.


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