Mimpi Review

By , on October 29, 2013
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3 out of 5


  • Whimsical presentation is attractive.
  • Manipulating the world adds interest to the platforming sections.


  • Obtuse puzzles with unclear solutions.
  • Mimpi himself is stiff and awkward to control.


Though Mimpi's cute platforming antics appear to be aimed at a younger audience, the obtuse puzzles and weird imagery left us unsatisfied.

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Mimpi is a game for anyone who has ever wondered what's going on inside their dog's mind when its asleep. The answer, according to this arty puzzle platformer, is that man's best friend is exploring bizarre abstract environments, manipulating clouds, and chatting with Chihuahua headed mermaids.

You control Mimpi using the arrows on screen. The movement and jump animations are a little stiff, but luckily, precision platforming is not what the majority of the game is about.

Instead, the game presents you with mini puzzles based on world manipulation. There might be a ledge too high for Mimpi to reach, requiring you use your finger to move clouds that will support the doggy's weight. Things get a little tense when you have to make a leap of faith, quickly moving the cloud to where you hope you're going to land, but most of the interactions needed to progress are fairly simple.

However, while the physical solutions may be simple, the game can rather obtuse when clueing you in to your next move. The art style and subject suggest this is a simple game marketed towards a younger audience, but the peculiar puzzles had us stumped on more than one occasion. There are hints available, but the bulbs that grant them are scarce - unless you wish to part with some more money through in-app purchases.

Mimpi is a tough sell. The presentation is great, and the ability to use the touch screen to change the world is welcome. The stiff controls, obtuse puzzles, and hint extortion drag the experience down, though, and leave us wondering who the target demographic actually is. It's has is moments, but we think Mimpi shows us that it's more enjoyable to watch dogs kick their little legs, than to actually experience what's going on in their canine brains.


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