Soccer Moves Review

By , on November 6, 2013
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Soccer Moves
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4 out of 5


  • Simple to control.
  • Amusing animations and characters.
  • Great sense of accomplishment when the ball hits the back of the net.


  • Cancelling moves should be a little easier.


Soccer Moves' turn-based take on goal-scoring is surprisingly addictive and engaging.

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Soccer Moves' turn-based soccer gameplay presents a profound metaphysical question. Sure, the goal is to move, pass, and score a goal by outwitting your opposition. However, your teammates are exact replicas of one another, raising a deeper question about the various roles we assume and shift between in the games we play.

We're just kidding - it's about balls and that.

Instead of employing the grids used in most turn based strategy titles, Soccer Moves uses a radial system to control moving, passing, and shooting. Touching a player and swiping outwards will move them to around the pitch. Swiping without touching a player will allow draw a path down which to pass the ball. You need to make sure there's a player positioned to receive it, though, or the stage will reset.

Tapping on the goal will enter shooting mode, allowing you to line up your shot and try for maximum power and points. You have a limited number of moving and passing points for each stage, and the opposing players react to your movements (effectively blocking any pass or goal attempts if they're within distance).

Though you might think a turn-based system would suck all flow from the beautiful game, Soccer Moves' stop-start take on the sport actually works a treat. Outwitting the opposing team with a well-placed pass by leading them away with a fake out, and then scoring a goal right outside their blocking distance feels great.

The victory animations are amusing, and watching your opponents weep and beat their fists is always a pleasure. Each level feels like a solving a physics puzzle, one which rewards you with a quick snapshot of sporting glory. We'd have appreciated the addition of an undo button, though, as correcting your moves is a little fiddly.

The game is free to try, but gives you the option to unlock all content for 69p / 99c. The store contains items to help perfect levels or to accessorise your players, and, though it does recommed a few items here and there, it's never intrusive.

Players looking for the next FIFA might balk at the turn-based play-building, but for those who love puzzles, Soccer Moves certainly scores a touchdown! What? Wrong game?


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