Dwice - new puzzle arcade game from Tetris inventor Review

By , on November 11, 2013
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Dwice - new game from Tetris inventor
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4 out of 5


  • Chaining combos at high speed is intense.
  • A nice variety of mission objectives.
  • Offers a sturdy challenge to persistent players.


  • Shop option aren't explained very well.
  • Gets quite tough quite quickly.


Though it isn't the next Tetris, Dwice's shape-matching gameplay offers entertainment - and a stiff challenge - in its own right.

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Dwice is the latest game from Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov. As the city sleeps, the populace is unaware that the only thing that stands between them and utter destruction is a quick finger, and an even faster thinker

The game itself is deceptively simple. Geometric shapes are descending upon the city. Tap on a shape and drag it through a matching shape, and both will disappear. The aim is to drag your finger through as many matching shapes as possible in a single swipe, thereby building your score multiplier, and clearing the screen.

The longer you survive, the faster and more frequently the shapes appear. Chain enough combos together and you will eventually trigger Fever mode which lets you swipe any shape on the screen for mega points. You'll also earn bonuses for chaining together inverted shapes, such as upside-down triangles and diamonds.

With its neon sheen and jittering geometry, Dwice provides a very simplistic, yet fairly intense experience. The difficulty curve has been broken up into levels, each with its own three missions linked to three stars, two of which are need to unlock the next level. From level four onwards, however, the pace really picks up, making any further progress a challenging business.

If you fancy some artificial assistance, there is also a shop. This contains perks which cost real money, and a few modifiers, such as a shield option and multi-touch the ability. These really don't add too much to what is already a pretty enjoyable game, but we get the feeling that the difficulty of later levels might steer some players towards the virtual store.

All in all, Dwice is simple, intense, and quite satisfying. Similar qualities made Tetris the game it is, and while this can't reach the genius of Pajitnov's classic, it's a sound addition to his portfolio, and a fun little game in its own right.


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