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It's the oldest battle of all: Dinosaurs vs caveman in Dino Bash

News By Jon Jordan, 7 years, 11 months ago

Everyone loves dinosaurs, and everyone knows cavemen are stupid and smelly. And their teeth are terrible... But cavemen love eating eggs, dinosaur eggs, and so it's up to you (and the dinosaurs) to protect those ovoid delights. That's the set up for Dino Bash, the first game from German developer Pokoko Studio. Scrambled triceratops It's a side-scrolling defence game in which you spawn dinosaurs to defend your egg and fight off the attacking cavemen who advance across the screen from right to left.  There are various types of dinosaurs unlock - you start with little raptors but if you play for long enough get T Rexs etc - plus there are power ups such as stones, ice, traps and me…